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Consistent to the Core - Michael Cantor - Episode 11

August 12, 2021

Trust in your partners is essential to promote a healthy and productive work environment. Michael Cantor, Managing Director of Allegro Real Estate Brokers & Advisors, shares how the cultural fit for his company was failing due to conflicting core values between his partners. In this episode, Michael discusses the transition into a team-oriented business that values putting clients first. 



  • Ensure that your core values and purpose match with your partners’. This avoids conflicts of interest and allows goals to be achieved efficiently. 
  • Corporate culture is key in professional services environments. It is important for employees to be excited to serve customers, and steer away from being money-oriented. 
  • You need to have employees that are growing with you and developing to help clients.
  • If your cultural values do not align with your partners, adjust your business to what is best for your company. Michael and his team used their power to remove two untrustworthy partners who were primarily focused on money and activity.
  • Put clients first, do it right, be dependable, and always improve. These are the core values that Michael’s company shares that brought the business to success. 
  • Evaluate employees based on the core values of the company. This ensures that everyone in the company is heading in the same direction.



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