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Preparing for Success - Christian Klein - CEO Confidential - Episode #016

September 16, 2021

Alex talks to Christian Klein, owner of the digital marketing firm Company 119. As one of the first in their field, they experienced explosive growth and learned some hard lessons in the years that followed. Learn about CAP (communication, anticipation, preparation), the core elements of a successful emergency situation, and how it can help you evaluate the decisions facing your business in light of the question, “Is this a risk I’m willing to take?” 


  • Look at decisions in light of “Is this a risk you are willing to take?”
  • Marketing puts the best face on your organization to the outside world, but every company has problems.
  • Fix the ego element in your company 
  • CAP (Communication, Anticipation, Preparation): the core elements of a successful emergency situation
  • Know these two things and your clients will trust you.
  • Take ownership of your career and turn it into a craft.



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