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Reinforcing Core Values - Terry Walkerly - Episode #14

September 2, 2021

Hiring the right people for your organization is key to a successful company and its culture. This weeks’ special guest, Terry Walkerly, joins us to discuss the importance of establishing a company’s core values, personal values, and how to best implement them.



  • Avoid holding onto toxic employees longer than you should. If there is an issue, address it directly and take action.
  • Try to also avoid letting stress and fear impact your decision to make role changes.
  • Be selective with who you place your trust in.
  • It is critical to have your company culture and values stem from the head(s) of the company.
  • Establish your personal values and balance them with your company’s values.
  • See that your employees take pride in their personal lives so that they will take pride in your business and their work.
  • Hire employees that closely match or reflect your company’s core values. Create an interview guide that includes questions that play into your core values.
  • Prepare in advance for an employee departure. Don’t let losing a key employee inhibit your business growth.
  • Connect with your employees for reviews more than once per year. Being transparent and honest will help strengthen the trust and pride in the workplace.
  • Create a communication guide for both employees and your customers.
  • It is not only important to articulate your company’s core values to your employees but to also implement them.
  • Remember that out of every crisis, can come beauty, growth, and evolution.






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