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Resilience Training - Traci Miller - CEO Confidential - Episode #019

October 8, 2021

When a personal life event negatively affects your business you can choose to let it defeat you or bounce back stronger than ever before. Traci Miller, a woman of resilience and empathy, shares a story of loss and how it affected both her personal life and professional career. We discuss new life mantras, the importance of your mental health, and how a sense of community can change your life.



  • Create a community of people or “tribe” to use as a sounding board, community, and support system.
  • Entrepreneurs have their own language, they tend to understand each other. Having that support, even if it's the lack of judgment.
  • Keep track of your victories. Journaling is a great way to remind yourself of your highs as well as your lows.
  • Questions to live by: “Am I going to regret those words tomorrow?”, “Did I have a positive impact on those around me?”, and “Will they think of me in a way that they were better for having been part of my life?”
  • Imagine that every conversation could be the last words you would share with someone.
  • The criteria for a good leader is to have empathy and consideration for the other people there.
  • “It's about the people. It's about their experience.”


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